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About Two Lane Farms

Two Lane Farms is cutting edge innovative hydroponic technologies allow us to take farming into the 21st century enabling us to grow super healthy, packed with flavor, 100% Hydro Pure grown, plants in a completely controlled, self-sustainable environment. 
Plants are fed a 100% Pure diet, listen to soft music, nurtured in a totally stress-free environment. Two Lane Farms “The Vertical Farm” living microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers and Mushrooms are delivered to our friends live. Our produce stays fresh in our easy to maintain living trays for days. Ready to be harvested on demand – truly “farm to fork” 
Two Lane Farms vision: creating a stable supply of living produce, intelligently grown in our peaceful environment, ready to feed an urban consumer with no negative impacts on the environment nor the consumer. Our hands-on approach allows us to ensure you will always get the very best quality that nature has to offer. 
Two Lane Farms “MicroCarbon Footprint” is a vision we feel is the key to a more productive and happier environment, one where community and local, are more than just the buzz words of the day. We sell our product only local. Two Lane Farms sells only to the Elizabethtown and surounding area market in Hardin Co KY, thus cutting carbon emissions, ensuring freshness, keeping it very local, keeping nutrition affordable with low prices and low overhead. Two Lane Farms uses on average $125.00 a month in utilities and less then 500 gallons of water. As Masahiro Mosoi said so well: “Farming cannot just be a simple capitalistic business practice. .” 
Two Lane Farms uses no pesticides nor fertilizers in our growing process. All Plants grow in food safe containers , microgreens grow on organic coconut fiber for approximately 10-14 days before they are ready. 
Two Lane Farms currently grows some 15 plus types of microgreens, and several types of basils, with plans to expand our lineup. Here are a few listed below: Hydro-Pure MicroGreens: To name a few Arugula, Basil (plus Lemon, Opal and Thai Basils), Sunflower, Parsley, Cilantro, Amaranth, Pea, Leek, Radish, Broccoli, Kale, Cress, Wasabi, Fennel, Carrot, Kohlrabi, Borage, Nasturtium, Orach, Mustard, Cabbage, Amaranth, Mild and Spicy Salad Mix. 
In addition to our microgrens we grow many type of mushrooms.
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